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Letter to Young African “Leaders”


Dear “leaders”,

So much is happening on the continent. Our generation seems to be ever the once who have heard or learnt about leadership as many seminars, conferences, programmes and so on are run to raise up the leadership level of youths. Also, several organizations and events are created by fellows for diverse purpose that the Africa can’t pass one month without a youth-led initiative. Another trend is many western countries funding organizations who gather youths they have identify as “leaders” and others who identify and label themselves as leaders, in the unique aim to represent and talk or commit on behalf of a countless youths who may never have been reached out.
I was thinking about the current situation of African Youth, I mean the wider youth, figuring out what maybe be the causes of unemployment in Africa while some corruption is ruling in recruitment at the government, private sector and even intergovernmental organizations as well; searching for the reason why there is a enormous gap in youth leadership development while some of you, my peers, are recognized by various organizations as leaders or some others are claiming to be for reasons only them can argue.

I tried to be in touch with few of you guys who are doing something on the ground and even some big thinkers in Africa, but yet African Youth are again at this stage.
I questioned myself about the job young African “Leaders” are doing and I continue to not have answers thus far. Maybe I’m not as wise as you are, or because I’m not one of you! And so I can’t revendicate any fellowship with you. Here are my questions and thinking subjects:

How come we can have this multiplicity of young “leaders” in Africa and yet many youth are not impacted to lift up their lives and start having a guiding star?
Does leaders’ role stop when they are renowned everywhere, where they cannot concentrate efforts in activating leadership in others? Or in the leadership context, – for me to better understand- the length of time a leader passes with people never counts for real? Ok, in case it does, how much time someone all the time out of his country (only for conference attendance) could be able to spend in activating leadership in others?

Do their roles stop to narrowing corridors of ministries of youths to be listed for international conferences with bribe ?
The leadership is it counted only when we can display a passport full of visas, showcasing worldwide trip that gave enjoyment of the conference and/or seminars, bouncing and narrowing through institutions in quest for some contacts to harass in the networking follow-ups to get a job at the end, with the rush to publicly display the number of countries visited so far, emptied of results for concrete change? Ok, I know reason will be taken from influence leaders are seeking to have in policy-making when attending conferences for free, fully granted but thus far, what has changed in the livelihoods of others youths?

How representative can be someone who is leading a youth-led organization without accountability, no minding the value of sustainability, nor integrity. And how representative can be someone attending a conference on behalf of a country where he has never been nor even been in touch with the realities or didn’t experience during the previous 3? Is that Leadership, i don’t know….I just need answer…

So, what makes a difference between leadership young “leaders” are fustigating overtime at conferences and the type there are practicing, when they are still ruling without sharing the organization they’ve actually co-founded, avoiding all criticism, or never care about the affiliated organizations to the union they are spearheading? In that case, don’t values count in actions and thoughts and if they do, how are the ones young African “leaders” are driving by?
I actually still need the answer to better understand some stuffs, yet not clear in my mind as I have never considered myself to be one of you guys, since I do not fill your criteria to belong to your close fellowship, although I held a couple of leadership positions in few youth-led organizations where I’ve learnt that the long lasting leadership is not the one I’m learning from you!

I wish you reconsider things and define a new path for the real leadership that can conduct Africa far from pauperization and harms we are encountering and enduring badly nowadays!
That is my call for all of Young African Leaders! Let’s up opt for values and for meaningful and significant actions for the betterment of the humankind! Be leader should not mean being everywhere for nothing doing concretely! Please, foresee and leave a room for others to express and to voice their thoughts, cause maybe their ideas will be brighter than yours! Otherwise, we won’t see Africa we want, far from today hardships and we will fall in our duties of guaranteeing to the future generations a greater tomorrow! Finally, you will never be a leader!

From my side, I will keep trying, working and thumbing things up as I can.
God be my witness!